Tribal architecture of the past
for a spiritual lifeway of the future.



I want to thank each and every one of you out there who have bought my tipis. You have given me such an interesting livelihood, and many amazing stories, you have shared your dreams and ideas with me, and allowed me to help you along your way into a life in harmony with nature. I would love to hear more of your tipi experiences, and will always be here to answer your questions as best I can, or just encourage you when you are feeling overwhelmed with changing your life with a tipi.

If you hear of anyone who can make good tipis who would like my customers, please let me know so I can redirect people to them. So far, the only ones I know about and endorse are with
Nomadics Tipis in Bend, Oregon. Great people, great tipis.

I can always be contacted by phone at 250-458-2548. Call anytime for enthusiastic answers to any questions that come up, whether it be about the lodges themselves, how to choose poles, how to use fire inside, or just to philosophize about living in harmony with the elements. It is always a pleasure to speak directly to seasoned or prospective tipi people.

Happy trails!

Teresa Wild, aka Tipi Terry